4 Morning Habits for Highly productive People

The mornings can be the most important part of the day- it can sparkle a totally inspired and productive day or it can trigger a day filled with chaos. Luckily, we can influence that part of the day with several easy steps. The most important part of our attitude- what do we think, what do we picture our day would be like and sometimes it is simply about what we want to see, regardless of what it is. So, in order to promote a positive vibe and ensure we have a smashing day, here are 4 easy steps:

  1. Wake up 15 minutes earlier. We all know how crazy some morning can be but the 15 minutes "me" time gives us time to think, reflect and make plans. The time can be used for anything- it could be our time for meditation, visualization or the time for our ceremony coffee with our loved one. It is the precious 15 minutes that can set up the rest of the day.

  2. Exercise- many high performers start their days with some exercise. Some of the benefits from regular exercise are improved concentration, sharper memory, enhanced creativity, lower stress levels and faster learning.

  3. Prioritize- while most of us have a routine of creating a to-do list, it is very important to put down 2-3 priorities that must be done during the day. You set the mind and you do it. It is much easier to go through the day than starting it without a goal or purpose. You are more organized and things happen naturally.

  4. Practice Gratitude- this is my favorite one! You can be repeating an inspirational message, saying a prayer or sending a thank you email. It sets the day for its best version. It generates positive vibes and transforms the day into an awesome one.