Opening of Chakras

Did you know that a person who doesn't work with chakras have them working at about 3 to 5%? People who meditate, practice yoga or breathe techniques and/or perhaps occasionally even some energy work, operate with 10-15 % of the full chakra potential. Some of the well trained Reiki masters often have chakras working at 30-35% of their full capacity. The reason for the low percentage often comes down to the special attunement or initiation, followed by some consistent work. In order to be able to have the chakras working at their full capacity we need to go through astral transformation, or initiation. Persistency is key after the transformation. In order to reach the full potential from it, the dedicated students must be ready to devote 15-20 minutes every single day for a period of 4-6 months. Here are two worth mentioning benefits of chakras working at their full capacity: - the healers increase their healing abilities. The more they train the more their abilities grow, - once can reach a deeper state of consciousness during meditation